Practice & Studies

Portrait drawings – Skin and hair studies (Part 1)

I made many studies to learn more about how to paint skin and hairs efficiently. I'm sharing the drawings and what I learned during each one. I also learn by looking at my older drawings and see what doesn't work and what I wasn't applying correctly. I made quite a lot of studies, so  I'm… Continue reading Portrait drawings – Skin and hair studies (Part 1)


Ghibli 30 drawings collection

I am posting all the 30 drawings of Ghibli I made. Each drawing has at least a character of one film.  I made these drawings with watercolor. The mistake there was not using watercolor paper. You really need to use watercolor paper with watercolor painting, or else it becomes all soaked and washed out with… Continue reading Ghibli 30 drawings collection

Shop Prints & Handmade

Shop prints and handmade products

Hi everyone, I opened a shop in my website: Please, encourage me by buying some prints and share the post. Each print cost only 10$cdn. I spent many hours to design, draw and paint them The whole process is made by myself:) If you want a painting I made that is not in the list… Continue reading Shop prints and handmade products


Sagittarius Zodiac Illustration

I started a zodiac illustration series. Sagittarius is the first one, because it is my sign and I felt inspired by an amazonian fire centaur. I'm going to draw the other ones in order, following with the Capricorn. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it this upcoming week. close up:) I went through a… Continue reading Sagittarius Zodiac Illustration