Digital Painting – Aerith from Final Fantasy VII

I present you my next full illustration I just finished. The character is Aerith, a protagonist from the video game, Final Fantasy VII. Du to the game popularity, Square Enix is making a remake it, so I thought it was a good idea to bring it back by drawing a fanart of Aerith. It took… Continue reading Digital Painting – Aerith from Final Fantasy VII

Etsy Shop

First Etsy MeelinCreations Sales!

I would like to update you about my first two Etsy sales! I sold 2 artworks. One of Camilla from Fire Emblem and the second of Edea Lee from Bravely Default. MeelinCreations Here is a preview of the packaging. I made special watercolor sketches for those orders as a thank you note for my first… Continue reading First Etsy MeelinCreations Sales!


Etsy shop and prints

Hi there! I know it been a while since I've posted. I want to announce that I just opened my Etsy shop last month. I'm very proud and hope I get get some happy result. You can visit it there: MeelinCreations For now, I mostly sale prints of my paintings and fanart drawings. You can get… Continue reading Etsy shop and prints