Bengal Cat Illustration

Here is an animal illustration of a bengal cat. I wanted to have a strong light from outside brightening the room and lighting the front side of the cat. I opted for a more realistic palette. This illustration was made using manga studio. I normally use this software to make linearts. This time, I made… Continue reading Bengal Cat Illustration


Fire emblem Chibi Design Collection

I made this fire emblem chibi design series to bring them to life as key charms. The characters are Camilla, Lucina, Lyn and Azura. The challenge was to leave most details to make them visible from afar. The charm size is only 4.5cm, so if I put to many details, it would look chaotic. I… Continue reading Fire emblem Chibi Design Collection

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Trip to China Travel Sketches

I went to visit China last year 2017. I really wanted to do more drawing there, but our trip was so busy. I only drew 3 pages. I saw unusual mountains in the airplane, so I quickly set up the middle lines of the mountains so that I could complete the sketch before the view… Continue reading Trip to China Travel Sketches


Digital Painting – Aerith from Final Fantasy VII

I present you my next full illustration I just finished. The character is Aerith, a protagonist from the video game, Final Fantasy VII. Du to the game popularity, Square Enix is making a remake it, so I thought it was a good idea to bring it back by drawing a fanart of Aerith. It took… Continue reading Digital Painting – Aerith from Final Fantasy VII