Practice & Studies

Portrait drawings – Skin and hair studies (Part 1)

I made many studies to learn more about how to paint skin and hairs efficiently. I'm sharing the drawings and what I learned during each one. I also learn by looking at my older drawings and see what doesn't work and what I wasn't applying correctly. I made quite a lot of studies, so  I'm… Continue reading Portrait drawings – Skin and hair studies (Part 1)

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Trip to China Travel Sketches

I went to visit China last year 2017. I really wanted to do more drawing there, but our trip was so busy. I only drew 3 pages. I saw unusual mountains in the airplane, so I quickly set up the middle lines of the mountains so that I could complete the sketch before the view… Continue reading Trip to China Travel Sketches

Practice & Studies

Gil Elvgren study

Gil Elvgren is my favorite pinup artist. I love his composition, posing and rendering. I did some quick studies of his posters. Here are some anatomy and style notes I took. I noticed the face being expressive. He likes drawing it with a cheeky suprised look.   I like how he does hairs too. It's… Continue reading Gil Elvgren study