Digital Painting – Aerith from Final Fantasy VII

I present you my next full illustration I just finished. The character is Aerith, a protagonist from the video game, Final Fantasy VII. Du to the game popularity, Square Enix is making a remake it, so I thought it was a good idea to bring it back by drawing a fanart of Aerith.


It took me quite a while to complete, because I wanted to have satisfaction with the result, which I have.

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Please, make sure to visit and encourage me if you can:)


Color scheme

Those are some of my research to find the adequate color palette for Aerith.



Step by step

You can actually see my struggles at drawing the face and setting the angle. I think it ended up well after working a lot on adjusting what I didn’t like about my illustration.


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I’m opened for commissions and contracts. I do people and animal portraits, concept art, painting,  illustration and various other things, so feel free to contact me:)

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Portfolio Website: Katty Yew Portfolio

Follow my progress: Mee-Lin Instagram

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