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First Etsy MeelinCreations Sales!

I would like to update you about my first two Etsy sales! I sold 2 artworks. One of Camilla from Fire Emblem and the second of Edea Lee from Bravely Default.


Here is a preview of the packaging. I made special watercolor sketches for those orders as a thank you note for my first customers. I’m very satisfied with printing service I choose. The paper and printing quality is nice.


I must admit that I didn’t make any profit from those sales. For now, what I get is the satisfaction of having people liking and willing to get my art. I hope I can sell more and eventually be able to save on the production cost.

Making and packaging my prints was definitely very enjoyable.

The only thing that I noticed put me down was the shipping cost. I didn’t expect spending that much on it. There is an additional charge when you decide to add thickness to your package. For my next sales, I have to adjust my packaging to minimize shipping cost.

Briefly, I work on reducing the cost without reducing the quality.

I would like to include some character pins to my shop. I got the material, but I now need to make some tests to make it a product.

You can visit my Etsy shop there: MeelinCreations

If you have any character proposition for me to produce, please let me know:)

I’m also open for paid commissions! Do you want me to draw you a character?;)

Posts of my fanart illustrations:

Edea Portrait

Camilla Portrait

Mononoke Hime Illustration

Ghibli series

Totoro Illustration


Portfolio Website: Katty Yew Portfolio

Follow my progress: Mee-Lin Instagram

Deviantart: mee-lin



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