Moon Story- An animated short film in progress

Moon Story is an idea I still keep working on. The plot is about a little boy living on the moon. He is very curious about earth and use a fishing rod to collect things from down there. He ends up fishing a strange creature which is going to make a big change in the moon boy’s life.

The project started with a storyboard and animatic I had to do for my storyboard class. It’s from years ago already.

Animatic link: Moon Story

When I was young, I was told that the moon was a cookie. When it looks like a crescent, it is because someone ate it. This story is base on this. I liked the idea and wanted to give life to an animated short film.

This character concept was done before, when I wanted to do an animated film. char_moonBoy_design_by_meelin

But then, I started wanting to make a point and click game. I was thinking of doing 3D, but after having used After Effects regularly, I found myself wanting to make cut-out animation.

I designed a character that I can easily animate with cut-out animation.Moon_character_cutout_v01

It evolved a lot from a ton of research…Boy_Character_Concept_Meelin

At some point, I wanted my main character to be a girl, but I switched to a boy again right after.Girl_Character_Concept_Meelin

I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my initial animatic and was brainstorming on filling the holes in the story. It implies more characters, but as I want a simple style and animations, it won’t be too complicate to add them.


Light creatures living on the moon.Creatures_Character_Concept_Meelin

The creature fished from earth by the little boy and some shadow creature concepts on the left. I know, it was a dog before, but a rodent eating the moon seems more logical.Rodent_Character_Concept_Meelin

This creature is a shadow eating the light of the moon and the stars. It is going to be the reason why the moon boy will forgive and accept the creature he fished.Shadow_Concept_Meelin

The little boy lives inside of the moon. He collects all sort of things from earth.


I might end up doing a cut-out short film. I want to use the skills I learned with After Effects. Unfortunately, I don’t find enough free time to work on this project. It has been postponed a bit.

For now, I am still working on making fanarts for Montreal Otakuthon. The subscriptions are soon, so I hope I will get a spot to participate. I always wanted to do it at least once in my life and see what it feels like.


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