Traditional Drawings

Life Drawing – Anatomy study at UQAM

I am attending figure drawing sessions once a week. I wanted to share the drawings I made 2 weeks ago.


I usually go to Uqam life drawing sessions in Montreal, but sometimes I go to other places like Syn Studio and Dr. Sketchy.

I find that it is always a bit hard to make good drawings during the first minutes, as you need to warm up. Sometimes, at the end too, because drawing 3 hours is pretty tiring and you lose concentration.

This time, I decided to go back to drawing in large newspaper sheets. I’ve been figure drawing in sketchbooks for a while, but I feel that I don’t have enough space to draw.

I try to get the habit to sketch with the side of my pencil to have more fludity and speed. It also makes me draw lighter.

I want to be regular in going to life drawing session once a week. When I skip a week, I don’t remember what I learned and practiced during the last session. That’s why I think it’s necessary to be regular.

It’s important to adapt your drawing technique depending of the time you have.

Quick poses make you study the movement and dynamism of the pose. During quick poses, you can’t add details and shading. I used to sketch 20 seconds poses when I was studying in animation. It was important to have dynamic motion curves.

In poses of 3 to 5 mins, I have the time to draw good shape and muscle indications. You need to get your proportions right.


Some sessions make you draw poses of 45 mins and more. You can get to make very complete pieces of art there.

I found myself able to add shading only in the last 3 mins of 10 mins poses.


There are couple of benefits in doing figure drawing.

1. As you have a time limit, You learn to draw and sketch faster.

2. It warms up your hand.

3. You learn anatomy. The model is real, so you get to draw different poses and angles.

4. Real model posing make you have a good feel of the shapes. In pictures, it could be hard to see the volume, but you see and understand it clearly in 3 dimension.

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