Totoro Illustration made with pens and markers

Totoro is a very popular character in the Japanese animation culture. It is a forest creature from “My Neighbor Totoro”, an animated film produced by Ghibli Studio.

This drawing was done in my sketchbook as a warm up before starting my 30 days Ghibli Watercolor Challenge. I made this illustration using pen and markers.


I opted for a clean look with grey shades and few colors. I wanted to have Totoro stand out of a very simple dark background. For the lineart, I wanted neat and thin strokes. I decided to use color pens by using a mix of black and blue lines.

Below, you can see pictures of the idea sketch research, my final sketch composition and the clean rough before the lineart.


I like to go back to traditional mediums from time to time. I find it always fun to work with physical materials and paper. There are a few materials I explored while making this drawing. I like the Sakura Pigma Micron ink pens to create my linearts. For filling colors, I used alcohol-based markers. I recently discovered water-based markers. I like them better, as I can create effects with water. Also, it doesn’t bleed through the paper. Kuretake is one of my favorite brand for watercolor materials and water-based markers.

I am thinking of reworking it a bit to make prints. I think it’s a good illustration to use as a design.

Is there a product you are willing to get with this Totoro design?


I also made a full illustration of Mononoke Hime: Mononoke Hime Illustration.
Mononoke Hime is anothe Ghibli Studio animated movie made by Hayao Miyazaki.


Portfolio Website: Katty Yew Portfolio

Follow my progress: Mee-Lin Instagram

Deviantart: mee-lin


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