Edea Illustration Portrait from Bravely Default

Edea is one of the protagonist from a Square Enix jrpg video game called Bravely Default. The game has a very stylish design. Akihiko Yoshida designed the characters. I might end up doing Agnes eventually.



This is how I usually process an illustration from the sketch to final result.

Edea_Portrait_ Illustrations_step_by_step_Meelin
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  1. I do a sketch and set up the composition.
  2. I paint the base colors.
  3. I add shadows. To choose my light and dark colors, I slightly move the hue slider to one side to vary my nuances.
  4. After adding the shadows, I add the light.
  5. I keep on adding details with more light and dark tones. I add highlight, colored lights and reflected lights
  6. When it looks well balanced, I start putting effects with brushes, blending modes, and tools.
  7. I finish up with some adjustment layers to make everything hold together. I used a red filter for this illustration.

I’ve been practicing a lot at rendering hairs and skin. I am starting to build painting techniques for better results. The hairs took me a long time to complete. I’m still looking for another ways to render hairs…

I think I got better with faces by making portraits over and over and studying master paintings. I’m also putting effort on make up. It does add a lot. I’m getting closer to the look I want to achieve  for my characters.



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