Clay and Plaster Sculptures

These are 2 sculptures I have done as a reference for my short film “Au coeur de la forêt”, using sculpey clay.

Sculpture of my main character. She was hard to do, as she has very tiny and delicate details like her face, her feet and her hands.

Sculpture of my second character.

Plaster sculpture of my hand
This project was to learn how to make a mold. I used my hand for molding. Resin was used to make the mold.(Sorry for the picture quality)hand_moulding_by_mee_lin.jpg

Foot Scupture
The picture’s quality is horrible… We had to look at our foot and remake it with clay. We had to sculpt how it should look inside of the thumb.foot_sculpture_by_mee_lin.jpg

Sculpture – Crane and muscles
This sculpture was one of our final sculpting project.Skull_Sculpture_by_Meelin.jpg

It has been modified three times.

First, we had to sculpt a skull with approximately the dimensions of our.
Next, we transformed one side to study the muscles of the human face.
Finally, we were asked to use a bit of imagination. The last step was to modify the muscle or skull part with some characteristics of an animal head.
I modified the skull part, so that it takes some aspects of the armadillo.

That was a truly interesting project.

This sculpture was done with clay.


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