Oil Painting

Oil painting on canvas and my process

Through the course of my life, I made a couple of oil paintings.

What I was doing wrong when I started oil painting was to be very economical. Oil paint is quite expensive, so I used to use a very minimal amount of paint. Make sure you cover the whole canvas and don’t leave any white, except if it’s part of the style.

I had a very good eye for colors, but I was weaker in perspective.

First landscape oil painting (Study of Vladimird Coritz)
I started with a painting that was not too difficult to paint.

Piano & Violin
I wanted to make a more realistic painting with a subject I like. Unfortunately, I have trouble taking a good picture of that one, because it’s very glossy.

Ste-Julie house in a fantasy landscape
Dedicated for my mom, who wanted a painting of our house.

Winter Tiger
This one was a group project. Our teacher brought a picture of a tiger and we all drew it. It’s interesting how we all got a different result from the same image. I made a very abstract background.

I came to paint goldfish because it is a symbol of prosperity and wealth in Chinese culture. I tried to use bright, warm and saturated colors for this painting. The frame is so pretty and fits the painting very well…

Notes on how to do oil painting

Oil paint density
Oil paint vary in transparency. Basically, you start by covering the blank canvas with a thick layer of opaque paint. The more you go into details, the more you start using transparency.

I use a big flat brush to make the first layers. I keep medium and small round brushes for details. Keep worn out brushes. They are great for special effects. I have one that all the hairs are separated. It’s my best brush to use for making fur and grass.

Oil paint is very toxic. Be sure to be in an aerated room.

Oil paint stains permanently! Beware your clothes and objects of value.


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