Ghibli 30 Days Challenge Watercolor 10/30 Completed (Part 1)

My first 30 days challenge is Ghibli theme. For this series, I am doing one illustration a day (sketch, lineart and watercolor). I think it takes about 3 hours in total. The painting with watercolor part takes at least 1 hour. It’s pretty demanding to make one every day. Specially while I have many other activities and contracts to do when I get back home after work.

I hope I get to complete this challenge! I don’t get to be totally consistent with making one every day, but I hope to reach 30 Ghibli illustrations.

I wanted to post the challenge at the end, but it’s still going to take a while until it’s complete.

As soon as I finish an illustration, I post it there so you can follow: Mee-Lin Instagram

The result of the first 10 drawings of the series:ghibli_30_days_challenge_01_to_10

After this challenge, I will proceed differently.

I will start a 30 days challenge that I can follow every day. Each drawing must be done within 30 mins. I will choose subjects in which I want to get better. I think I need to draw every day, even if it’s just a little.

I will also start a 5 illustrations series. This one is about a specific fanart theme and doesn’t have to be done everyday, but needs to look final.


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