Mee-Lin’s Art Blog

Welcome to Mee-Lin’s Art Blog!


About this blog?

Years ago, I started an art blog showing my art and progress over time. Today, I decided to start a fresh new blog. I believe the previous one looks pretty shabby.

Here is the link of my previous blog: http://kattyyew.blogspot.ca/

For this blog, my goal is to share my artworks and educate people about art. I believe that writing, teaching and sharing my thoughts could be interesting for my readers. It might also help me grow and keep track of my progress as an artist.

Who am I?

Since I was little, I was interested in drawing and animated films. I used to watch Lion King frequently. I also got interested in manga and video games, because my brother brought some home.

As a kid and teenager, I was drawing, painting and writing stories.

Then, I studied in 2D animation at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. I learned to make traditional animation from the concept to the final product. I pursued in 3D animation at Centre NAD, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, where I specialized myself in video games.

I now have a very versatile background in art.

I want to keep improving and make art for people who like what I’m happy doing.

Comments are appreciated:)

Have a nice day and to the next time!


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